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Referring Veterinarians

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Referring Veterinarians

Patients with cataracts, glaucoma, corneal ulceration, ocular tumors, eyelid abnormalities, chronic dry eye, vision loss, and ocular inflammation may benefit from referral to a Veterinary Ophthalmologist.

Referring Veterinarians

The veterinary ophthalmologists and staff at Animal Eye Center value your trust in referring your clients to us for diagnosis and treatment. If you feel one of your patients has an ocular emergency, please call us at (916) 624-4364, and we will make every attempt to see them as a Daytime emergency. The ophthalmologists are also happy to help you with a consult over the phone if you have questions about an ocular emergency or other eye problems.

You can fill out the below-linked referral form. If you have any questions about the diagnosis or treatment, please contact us. We will work closely with you on follow-up with additional diagnostics and treatment you may be able to provide at your hospital. We will continue to follow up with your patient until the ocular condition is resolved.

It will help us if you can send any pertinent history, blood test results, diagnostic results, and ongoing treatment information about your client before us seeing them for their appointment. You can fill out the below client referral form.

Animal Eye Center works closely with referring veterinarians to treat patients with ocular disease. DVMs can access to request our business cards if You want to display them in your office.